Flight Fantastic: The Illustrated History of Aerobatics

Since I’ve now completed my tribute to WWI pilot Captain D.V. Armstrong, perhaps it would be good to post an image of the cover of Flight Fantastic and a few of the reviews it received.

Captain Armstrong’s story features on pp. 57-9 together with a portrait of his all-red Sopwith Camel (see DVA sub-page). Having to rely on secondary sources meant that some of details I found were incorrect. Happily my new authorized biography sets the record straight.

The book was published in 1986 when I was Team Manager of the British Aerobatic Team at the FAI World Championships; it has 320 pages and so many illustrations (colour and b/w) that I’ve never counted them. Apparently it’s over 350.

I thought I would add some reviews because I’ve never seen any in cyberspace – this was long before online bookselling of course.

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