The Doubters are appearing
I just read this as a (partial) comment under someone else’s blog. Not the only person who doesn’t believe we found Richard III, but what interested me was that this person says...
By the way ...
I suppose everyone knows the grotesque Richard on the cover is based on Antony Sher’s own drawing of himself in the part at Stratford. As redrawn by the incomparable Geoff Wheeler.
Books now on sale here!
Today I created an Online Shop where my books can be purchased using Paypal. My ‘Small Guide’ is self-published and I didn’t want to support the Great International Amazon Takeover, so...
TV Award for Philippa
Heartfelt congratulations to Philippa Langley for the award from the Royal Television Society last night. A personal triumph which she deserves after all her trials and tribulations, bless her, not...
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