Published today!

22. Feb, 2021

Just about 12 months of concentrated work from start to finish, my new paperback book Domenico Mancini: de occupatione regni Anglie is now in the hands of the distributors:  

Domenico Mancini – Troubador Book Publishing

The price is £10, and I must say a word of kudos to Barnwell Print Ltd., my wonderful printers in Aylsham, Norfolk, who are a joy to work with. Quality and attention to detail are the reason why this is the 4th self-published book I have entrusted to them. 

I know only a handful of people will buy this book, so I was tempted to do a comparison of sales of my Richard III series. This is how the numbers stack up as at the end of 2020:

Richard III: The Maligned King = 11,500

Richard III: A Small Guide to the Great Debate = 3,500

Finding Richard III: The Official Account = approx 5,000

Richard Duke of Gloucester as Lord Protector and High Constable = 850

Some of them are rather niche interest, but overall that’s around 20,000 books, all of which have had something new to say about King Richard. What next, I wonder?

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